Talks and interviews

Sustainable urban design (RTPI Ireland Annual Lecture)

Urban Design Governance, Soft powers and the European experience (introducing the book)

Authority-wide design codes – four questions (answered?)

National Model Design Code monitoring and evaluation: 21 lessons

Appealing design, evidence from English design based planning appeals

Urban design governance

The thorny question of the privatisation of public space

The Existential crisis of traditional shopping streets

A similar talk given at the OECD can be viewed here

The Design Deficit, design skills and design governance approaches in English planning authorities

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Public Places Urban Spaces, 3rd edition (what is in it?)

Home comforts, stress testing our homes and neighbourhoods during lockdown


Design codes, the opportunity

Place Value – UN-Habitat Global Urban Lecture

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The same talk given at TEDxWarwick can be viewed here

Housing and neighbourhoods during Covid-19 lockdown (BBC interview)

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The marketisation of design governancescreenshot-2020-09-23-at-13.57.07

The economic benefits of walking and cycling (NLA interview)

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Weighing up the White Paper (Monocle interview)

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Housing Design Audit 2020: Why is there such variation in practice?

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Housing Design Audit 2020: What are we delivering?

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Urban Design Governance and Place ValueScreenshot 2019-12-12 at 13.24.39

The Problems, Potential and Complexities of Mixed Streets: The London Case (OECD talk)

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An earlier version of this talk can be found here

Podcast: Place Value and Place Quality

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Councillors’ Attitudes to Residential DesignScreenshot 2019-06-15 at 09.18.39

The Place shaping Continuum: A theory of urban design processScreenshot 2018-12-13 at 17.29.54

Design and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
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Enquiries in Street Design

Enquiries in street design

Design Governance: The CABE Experiment (book launch)


About the Place Alliance

Place Alliance

The Design Dimension of Planning (20 years on)

Bartlett School of Planning Centenary Lecture


The Place-shaping Continuum: A Theory of Urban Design Process (BSP podcast)udcontinuum

Interview about Explorations in Urban Design: An Urban Design Research Primer


Design coding: Diffusion of Practice in Englandudgplay